Meet The Team

Adam - Brewer photo

Adam - Brewer/Co-Owner

A Westminster, Colorado native, Adam's professional brewing career began in 2016.

As a novice homebrewer in his early days, his love for brewing grew exponentially over the years. With a previous career in supply chain management, his analytical and creative nature led him on a journey to better understand the process that brings grain to glass.

Stubborn to a fault, and a relentless desire for perfection, Adam decided to dive headfirst into the craft beer ether. He started out at WBC as cellarman. Fast advancing his way to the forefront of recipe creation and procedure implementation.

Today he is now co-brewer/owner/operator for Westminster Brewing Company.

'I've always been a hop-head at heart. From traditional west-coast's, to juicy hazies, and everything in hop shall be left behind! What drives me personally, is creating something fresh and innovative, and the satisfaction that comes from sharing these results with friends and family.'

When not making barley pop, Adam enjoys his time outside of the brewery with his better half, Crystal, and their hound dog Maggie-Mae. He can usually be found wood-working in his shop, fly fishing, and writing music.

'As the saying goes, do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. That’s my motto…that and everybody wang chung tonight'.


Nathan Adler graduated from the University of Colorado - Boulder with a BS in Economics with a Finance emphasis. While working in the finance industry he discovered the love of home brewing and soon found himself working part time as an assistant brewer for J Wells brewery in Boulder.

Finding his passion for brewing growing, he took over as the head brewer through J Wells' transition to Stein Brewing Co. He continued working with Stein until Westminster Brewing came up for sale.

Jumping at the chance, Westminster Brewing was purchased in late 2018 at which time he and Adam Blair formed the core of the brew team. He is proud to be able to serve the public the fruits of their labor.